Love and Relationships

On the Spiritual Path
Neroli Duffy

Searching for Love in a World of Illusion

Teleconference Seminars Presented by Rev. Neroli Duffy

Based on the teachings of Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Author and spiritual leader of the Summit Lighthouse.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Most of us are looking for love but not everyone knows how to attract the best possible partner or even if a partnership is right for them in this life. The key is to first find divine love through union with your higher self. When you put God first the rest falls into place, sometimes even the loving partner as part of your divine plan. A spiritual perspective on love, relationships, marriage, divorce, celibacy and the use of the sacred fire or sexual energies can help you to overcome some of life's major challenges.

Part 1: Divine Love Answers Every Human Need

If we want to attract the perfect partner we begin by understanding our marriage made in heaven and looking within. Karma is the X factor in most relationships today - if we can solve the karmic equation, everything else improves. Marriage is designed to fulfill the highest purposes between man and woman. Nevertheless the ascended masters understand that divorce is sometimes necessary.

Part 2: Twin Flames and the Search for Wholeness

The quest for love is really the quest for our divine wholeness: the twin flame or the other half of the whole. At the turning of the age from Pisces to Aquarius people are seeking contact with the twin flame. There is the divine polarity of male and female. Learn keys to recognizing the twin flame and a prayer to draw that one to you even if that one is an ascended being.

Part 3: Soul Mates, Karmic Partners and Resolving the Past

Somehow the soul knows when there are karmic ties that need to be undone, negative energy to balance, the wrong corrected and the hurt healed. A marriage of karma may not have the depth of the relationship between twin flames or soul mates. But such a marriage can be the means for the expression of a great and transforming love, even the liberation of the soul. Ultimately the soul knows whether to stay or go. Includes keys for getting through a divorce and how to use the violet flame for transmutation and change.

Part 4: Beyond the Physical - Love is the Magnet

There is much worldly talk of love, but often this refers only to physical or sensual love. Those who are truly in love know that love goes beyond the boundaries of the physical. Divine lovers do not care about the physical appearance of the beloved, for they see beyond the body. Rather, they love the soul and recognize that the body is simply a house for the soul and spirit. Learn the keys to developing the magnet of light and love that will become the divine magnet to perfect divine love.

Part 5: Eight Keys to Self Mastery of Sexual Energies

Part 5 Eight Keys to Self Mastery of Sexual Energies Many people find it difficult to overcome temptation and over indulgence in sexual or sacred energies. Rightly understood, sex is not sinful. It is simply energy in motion. The word sex can be thought of as a code for sacred energy exchange (s-e-x). The act of sexual intercourse is an exchange of sacred energy. It is holy and sacred if those who participate in it so consecrate it and revere it. Inappropriate sexual experiences can be costly to the soul. Learn the eight keys to self mastery of the sexual energies which can make all the difference.

Part 6: Marriage, Celibacy and the Sacred Fire

Whether our marriage union is of twin flames, soul mates or karmic partners, the marriage of man and woman is meant to be mystical, a commemoration of the soulŐs reunion with the beloved I AM Presence through the Christ, the blessed Mediator. Learn the spiritual perspective of marriage, celibacy, the de facto relationship and some sexual practices. The masters recommend that we plan our families and not bring into the world any more children than we are able to care for and for whom we can adequately express our love. Find out what the ascended masters say about family planning and various forms of contraception.

Part 7: Love, Fantasy and Unseen Forces

Within marriage, sexual intercourse is intended to be adoration of the God within one another. The love exchanged also determines the action and interchange of energies. The welling up of love within husband and wife helps to bring everything else into divine order within their relationship. Learn what happens spiritually during the exchange of energy during sexual intercourse, how to avoid the exchange of karma and electronic belt patterns that occurs most often in worldly relationships and how sexual fantasy can attract unseen negative forces.

Part 8: A Love Worth Waiting For

It is a fact of human nature that intimate physical contact can begin the flow of energy in a spiral that ultimately moves toward sexual fulfillment. And once that spiral has begun, it is difficult to reverse the flow of energy. A spiritual perspective on the emotional and physical implications of dating and relationships can help you to avoid the pitfalls that many experience in the age of free love when anything goes . You can avoid getting stuck in dating limbo and learn how to set boundaries while dating and handle the balance between commitment and intimacy.