Healing the Soul and the Spirit:

Teachings of the Divine Mother
Neroli Duffy Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Heal Your Personal Psychology

These six lectures conducted by Rev. Neroli Duffy might just be the life changing experience that you are looking for. The unique and spiritual perspective is based on the teachings of the ascended masters as presented by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. After each lecture Neroli fields questions from the participants. Please note that these sessions are not to be construed as psychological counseling or therapy.

Your Personal Psychology: Part A

In this 48 minute lecture, our psychology is explained from the perspective of the soul and the spirit. The traumas of various lifetimes have may cause the soul to become fragmented. We learn how to retrieve the fragmented aspects of our souls and become the loving parents and teachers of our souls using the science of prayer, mantra, affirmation and meditation.

Your Personal Psychology: Part B

This 50 minutes lecture contains simple, but often overlooked, keys to our psychology. This session will assist you to identify a problem, break it into its components, and then make use of the spiritual techniques of the ascended masters who also provide guidance and intercession.

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear - Overcoming Fear and Doubt: Part A

Fear is said to function like a cancer on the soul. Few realize that they have it, but most people experience it in some way or another. In this 58 minute session you gain a deeper understanding of how fear might be working in your life and how to overcome fear using the violet flame and the fearlessness flame which are two sources of profound spiritual energy.

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear - Overcoming Fear and Doubt: Part B

Fear and doubt can be paralyzing unless we invoke the intercession of the master physician Jesus the Christ and his antidote of divine love. This 49 minute session examines the four types of fear that most people have and yet often do not realize it. Find out how to invoke that Perfect love that casts out fear .

Emotional Self Mastery - Overcoming Anger: Part A

This 52 minute lecture examines why anger is one of the biggest detriments to our spiritual progress and explains why the ascended masters have urged us to come to grips with our anger even our hidden anger. Understand the sources of anger, including the manifestations of hidden anger, and spiritual solutions to deal with the cause of the problem.

Emotional Self Mastery - Overcoming Anger: Part B

In Tibetan Buddhism anger is one of the five deadly poisons that are of ultimate danger to the soul. In this 30 minute lecture you will learn how the not self amplifies our anger and how to use spiritual techniques such as gratitude and forgiveness as an antidote to anger for a more peaceful life.