Love and Relationships

On the Spiritual Path

An Introduction by Dr. Neroli Duffy

Neroli Duffy

I always believed there was one special person for me. As I look back, it seems that I have always looked for love, and the search for the beloved was a compelling urge within me from a very early age. I remember being on the playground at school looking at faces of the little boys there, wondering as I searched for that special pair of eyes, Is this the one? Is this the one?

Later I understood that in looking for love, one of the most important lessons we learn is that the search begins within. Instead of looking outside of ourselves for love, we can concentrate on magnifying the light and love that is already in each of us as the individual God-flame.

I was fortunate to have parents who taught me about the spiritual nature of love. They not only gave me their own example of a loving relationship, but their explanation of what happens spiritually in relationships helped me in the choices that I was to make in life.

Later as a medical doctor and minister I saw the results of people's choices both good and bad in their relationships. Finding the explanation of relationships from the spiritual perspective through Elizabeth Clare Prophet's teachings, is when everything fell into place for me and ultimately drew to my side my perfect partner who is now my husband.

Love takes many forms. When we speak of love, we often think first of the love between man and woman, between husband and wife. But think of love in a broader sense. There is also the love within the family, the love of the master for the disciple, the love of God for his children, the love of the angels and masters of light for mankind, the love of the Higher Self for the lesser self that is in the state of becoming.

Love is the glue that holds families and communities and nations together. It is as if the whole experience that is life on earth is suspended between strands of love in all of its beautiful manifestations. Love really does make the world go round - and the love between a man and a woman is part of this love.

We return to our own point of contact with the greatest source of love, which is God. If we want to have true love, then we can tie in to that universal source. So we find that if we put God first in life, all other things will begin to fall into place. The light and love we find within will become a magnet for the perfect love without.